Who are the Three Kings or Los Reyes Magos

4 January 2023

The Three Kings in Spain, or Los Reyes Magos, are a special part of the Spanish holiday season. Every year, on the night of January 5th, the Three Kings parade through the streets of Spain, bringing gifts to children and spreading joy throughout the country. The Three Kings in Spain are traditionally known as Melchor, Gaspar, and Baltasar.

For tourists visiting Spain during the holiday season, the Three Kings parade is a must-see event. The parade is a spectacular display of music, lights, and costumes, and is a great way to experience Spanish culture. The parade typically begins in the late afternoon and lasts until the early hours of the morning. As the parade progresses, the Three Kings make their way through the streets, throwing candy and other treats to the crowd.

In addition to the parade, there are many other activities that tourists can enjoy on the day of the Three Kings. In many cities, the Three Kings will make special appearances in public squares, giving out gifts to children and taking pictures with visitors. In some places, there are also special performances, such as plays and concerts, that celebrate the Three Kings.

For those looking to experience the Three Kings in a more traditional way, there are also many local festivals and celebrations that take place throughout Spain. These events often include traditional dances, music, and food, and are a great way to get a taste of Spanish culture.

The Three Kings in Spain are a wonderful way to experience the holiday season in a unique and exciting way. Whether you’re looking to join in the parade or just take in the sights and sounds of the festivities, the Three Kings are sure to make your visit to Spain a memorable one.