The rain in Spain means “Migas” on the plate

25 February 2021

Living in Spain for 14 years, you tend to pick up a few local traditions from each area of Spain. Murcia has a large number of traditions, especially when it comes to food and drink. One of the most popular has to be “Migas”, a special dish which consists of a cooked bread dough with lots of meat, garlic and peppers mixed in. This traditional dish is normally cooked on rainy days in Spain, and many restaurants normally sell out within a few hours.
The story behind “Migas” is actually quite interesting…

You may or may not be aware, but when it rains in Spain, it really rains. So when it used to rain in the past, a lot of the Markets were cancelled due to roads being flooded, or products not being able to last in the rain, so one dish that could always be made was “migas”. It was easy to make as most people had flour and olive oil. Once the mixture was made, leftover sausage, garlic and peppers are added. Once everything is in the pan, (a very big pan), it has to be mixed slowly. And that’s it, Migas are made.

So next time you’re in Murcia and instead of complaining that the day has been ruined by rain, head on over to your local Spanish restaurant, and ask for Migas!

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