Sushi Weekends at El Valle Golf Resort

28 July 2023
Sushi Weekends at El Valle Golf Resort

What an exciting weekend it was! We had the pleasure of being among the first to savour the delectable sushi menu recently introduced at Sandalo, right here on El Valle Golf Resort. As we strolled into the restaurant, we were greeted with warm smiles by Julian, the ever-attentive manager who knows us well. Without missing a beat, he swiftly placed our drink orders at the bar and handed us a new menu left on the table – the much-awaited Summer Sushi menu.

We couldn’t contain our excitement as we perused the delightful array of sushi offerings. To our delight, this special menu was crafted by one of the chefs from Enso Sushi, a popular spot in the heart of Murcia that we frequent on birthdays and celebrations. Now, having this level of sushi quality right at our doorstep was like a dream come true.

Our appetites kicked into high gear, and we ended up choosing three sushi dishes to kickstart our culinary adventure. First up was the classic California roll, a delightful platter of eight pieces that instantly transported us to sushi heaven. Next on the list was the Tempura roll – although I must admit, the name slipped my mind as I was too busy relishing every bite. With around 12-14 pieces, it was the perfect portion for one person, and the taste was on par with what we had enjoyed at Enso Sushi. As if that wasn’t enough, we also couldn’t resist indulging in the rich and fresh flavours of the salmon tartar.

Now, here’s the best part – not only was the sushi as good as the city’s finest, but it also came at a much friendlier price. We couldn’t believe our luck as we savoured each mouthwatering piece, realizing that this incredible culinary experience was right in our own backyard.

For those who prefer something other than sushi, fear not! Sandalo still offers its regular menu, which is also getting a summery makeover. So, whether you’re a sushi aficionado or a fan of other delectable dishes, Sandalo has you covered.

Our sushi adventure took place on a Friday evening, and we were in for a treat beyond just the food. As we settled in, basking in the glorious sunset and overlooking the scenic 18th hole of El Valle Golf Resort, a DJ kicked off the evening with some light Ibiza Sunset-style music. Talk about an extra dose of enchantment! With sushi in hand, cocktails on the table, and soothing beats filling the air, we felt like we were on a luxurious vacation on one of Spain’s beautiful islands.

But the best part was, we weren’t far from home at all. In fact, we were right here in our local restaurant, enjoying the company of great friends and basking in the fantastic atmosphere. And the cherry on top – we could simply walk back home after a perfect evening filled with delectable sushi, delightful cocktails, and good vibes all around.

Sandalo has truly become a hidden gem, blending the charm of our local golf resort with the flavours of an island retreat. So, if you’re ready for a tropical twist on your dining experience, I highly recommend heading over to Sandalo. Trust me; it’s a culinary journey you won’t soon forget!

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