Restaurants near El Valle Golf Resort

13 November 2023

At Gastrobar 6 Sentidos, you’ll embark on a journey of modern interpretations of classic dishes. The Iberian Pork Secreto steals the show, a mouthwatering delight that pairs perfectly with a glass of local wine.

Venture into the heart of the countryside at Venta de la Virgen and indulge in hearty fare like Arroz con Conejo y Caracoles. This savory rice dish with rabbit and snails is a true culinary gem. Here is the list of dishes available:

Sample the flavors at Venta del Puerto 1 with many delicious dishes. The T-bone steak from Navarro is especially tasty. However, the traditional mediterranean dishes do not disappoint. Here you will find a photo of the menu at Venta del Puerto 1:

For a different kind of experience, unwind at Destilería Sucina with craft cocktails made from locally distilled spirits and fresh ingredients. But that’s not all; their Wagyu beef, Wagyu burgers, delicate pizzas, and sushi are a must-try. Check out their long list of dishes and drinks here:

At Restaurante Airemar, you’ll get a taste of the sea with their Pulpo a la Parrilla, a grilled octopus dish with a zesty lemon and garlic dressing. For some reviews and images follow this link:

Nestled in Corvera, Los Cazadores offers a unique dining experience. Their well-known dishes, such as the baked Sea Bass or Wild mushroom and truffle sauce lasagne will tantalize your taste buds. For a good look at the menu click here: