When buying or selling

a property in Spain

How often do you exchange money?

When purchasing or selling a property in Spain, or even moving large amounts of money to and from different bank accounts in different countries, not many people realise that they are loosing hundreds, if not thousands of Euros by using the standard bank to bank transfers. We always try to make sure we offer the best service for our clients and that includes saving them as much money as possible. When using a currency exchange company, you can avoid the bank transfer fees, get the lowest rates on the market and avoid deposit & holding fees which sometimes you don’t even realise you’re paying. Below we have a bit information about Lumon, the currency exchange company we recommend to all our clients when looking to buy or sell in Spain. Let us know if you would like more information and we can arrange a phone call with one of their trusted agents.

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About Lumon

When you’re planning to buy or sell an overseas property, one of the things to think about is how you’re going to transfer your required currency. Some people assume that your bank will be the best way to send overseas payments, when in fact you could find yourself paying more than you need to. The saving you could make by using a specialist provider can be significant, which is one of the reasons we recommend our customers to use Lumon for all their currency needs.

Not only can they offer competitive rates of exchange when compared to high street banks, they also understand the foreign property market. Having helped thousands of clients to buy abroad, they’re well placed to organise the transfer of your exchanged funds and can send payment directly to your solicitor.

Lumon has a number of options available to help you manage your overseas payment. For example, a forward contract, which is an agreement to purchase currency for a date in the future without having to pay for it all up-front. You can lock in an exchange rate for up to a year in advance, pay a small deposit to us and then draw down your money up to three months prior to the date you have booked your funds until.

Some of the reasons we recommend Lumon for our customers’ currency needs.

• Competitive exchange rates
• Dedicated Account Managers with expert market knowledge
• Easy transfer of funds when you need them
• Long established reputation having traded since 2000
• Thousands of 5 star feefo ratings from customers

Learn more about Lumon here: – Great rates of foreign exchange