Hike of Faces – Walking Route

25 February 2021

Continuing on with our series of local hikes, today we present you with “Ruta de las Caras” the hike of faces.

NOTE After writing this blog post we decided to go and do the route again to get some more pictures and were surprised to find that three of the carvings had been removed, there are still two impressive carvings and we have included some older photos of the three that have been removed.

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This hike starts from the parking area of El Valle Carrascoy which is reached from El Valle Golf Resort by driving towards Murcia City on the auto via, as you drive through the mountains take the 2nd exit signposted El Palmar N-301a And follow the road under the auto via until a roundabout, take the 1st exit and then at the next roundabout take the 3rd exit and follow signposts to Castillo de Portazgo.

After about half a km turn right following the signpost for Jardin de sal (bar) and Finca lo Pertiguero horse riding school, go past the horses and follow the road up to the left parking under the trees on the left.

From here the only way is up, you have 2 routes one is the road and the other is to the right in the Valle which is a dirt path with rolling slopes that gradually get steeper the more you climb.

When you reach the top follow the track to the right and then you will see a signpost for Bees (Avecas) at the sign take the small single track to the right of the sign walking below the Bees.

Follow this single track for about 500m when the track splits in two, follow the track to the right which will lead you down to a dry river bed (ramble)

Follow the Rambla to the right here the route is very uneven and loose so be careful, in the winter there can also be water flowing.

After about 500m of following the rambla, you will see the first face a huge rock that obstructs the Rambla with a beautiful carving of a sun face which is similar to a greek goddess.

The best way to photograph this is from a low angle to really capture the size of it.

Next on our tour we have three more carvings in very close proximity the first is on the right about 200m after the sun goddess and the others very close to this of two faces. The fun comes in finding these carvings so keep your eyes open.

From here head down what could be a small waterfall treading carefully as the rocks can sometimes be slippery and follow the track back to the car, keeping your eyes open for one last carving on the right.

Strava route and link.

Link to Strava: https://www.strava.com/activities/1496716894

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Direction to start point, open link and calculate from your start point.

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