Coastal Properties or Inland Properties?

9 February 2023
Coastal Properties or Inland Properties?

Spain is a large country with a varied landscape. The Mediterranean coast is a popular tourist destination, renowned for its beaches, resorts and sunny weather. The Costa del Sol is the most popular coastal region, stretching from Malaga in the south to Gibraltar in the north. The Costa Blanca, running from Alicante to Valencia, is also popular.

Inland properties are found in the central and northern parts of the country. The Pyrenees and the Sierra Nevada are popular mountain ranges, while the Castile-La Mancha and Andalusian regions are known for their rolling hills and olive groves.

The cost of coastal properties is typically higher than inland properties. This is due to the prime location and the many amenities and attractions that coastal towns and villages offer. Coastal properties are also more likely to be in a gated community or have a communal pool.

Inland properties are typically cheaper than coastal properties, although there are some exceptions. Inland properties can offer good value for money, especially if they are in a rural location. They may also have a swimming pool and be in a gated community.

The main downside of inland properties is that they are often located in remote areas, which can be a problem for those who don’t have a car. Coastal properties are usually close to shops, restaurants and other amenities.

The main advantage of coastal properties is the wonderful climate. The Mediterranean sun shines for most of the year and the temperatures are usually mild. Coastal properties are also close to the beach, making them perfect for holidays or for those who want to enjoy a relaxed lifestyle.

Inland properties are located in areas that are typically quieter than coastal resorts. This can be a plus or a minus, depending on your preferences. Inland properties are also typically in rural areas, which can be a plus for those who want to live in the countryside.

The main downside of inland properties is the weather. Inland areas can be cold in winter and can experience snowfall. The weather can also be very hot in summer.