The first of the villas at Altaona Golf and Country Village balance the horizon that surrounds them. They stand on tip-toe on the first floor to show the golf course, approaching it with a minimalist perspective. The feeling of freedom abounds in all its rooms, as well as from its gardens.


Villa Campo is a contemporary, minimalist design with a strong personality. Spacious rooms laid out on a single floor to create an imposing space extending the utmost in habitability and accessibility.


Ancient civilizations worshipped water and valued it as if it were liquid gold. They designed the Alhambra Palace making the central attribute. In this palace, you will always be connected to this life-giving element


Majestic and sublime, the Olimpo boasts interior and exterior spaces that intermingle spontaneously to create a unique atmosphere.

The most imposing villa in Altaona has an innovative two-storey design that creates areas of light and shade, allowing you to enjoy the gardens even during the height of summer.


Creating something from nothing, starting with a blank page, is extremely difficult. The lines you draw plot a path to a concept that must keep its essence during the project. The balance between aesthetics and functionality must never be blurred when creating perfect living spaces.
In Altaona, the houses take their air from the surrounding landscape, become one with nature through their terraces and large glass panes. Water and light, essential elements of life, flow through these homes, and their inhabitants are always at one with them.