A Vegan’s Paradise – Restaurant Review

25 February 2021

Spain, in general, is known for its delicious paellas, barbecues, and meat cuts. But what about vegetarians and vegans wanting to move to this beautiful country and not having to worry if there is a vegetarian option on the menu for them.

Murcia has become a hub for vegetarian & vegan hotspots opening up over the last few years. With many become famous for individual dishes, almost all of them have a huge following and are growing more popular every year.

Vegan Queen is the newest vegan place to open in the city of Murcia and has been labelled the vegan Burger King. With its rustic yet green design, it is a great escape from the busy city centre. But not only will the design attract you in, but the fact that it is one of the few restaurants that allow dogs inside is a given plus.

We took a trip down there at the beginning of the year to check out what all the fuss was about, we were pleasantly greeted by the door by the lovely couple who own the place. We were also very surprised when they showed exactly what the menu consists of and all the information we needed to know about each dish. We ended up having a lovely lunch there with Sammy (The Keystyle mascot) coming to around €50 for 5 people including 2 rounds of drinks, starters and main course.

So as a place to grab something to eat with your beloved four-legged friend, this is one place to check out before heading out into Murcia for a few drinks. If you want more information you can check out their Facebook page for more information and upcoming events.

C/Mariano Padilla nº10, 30003 Murcia, Murcia


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